Sunday, December 15, 2013

Big Sur Training Week 1 of 20 / Music of the Day

Week 1 of Big Sur Marathon training complete!  Week 1 was done in Vibram Bikilas and it went alright... time will tell how the transition back to shoes will go. I might take my invisible shoes out for a spin next week to see how they feel- I have used them for walking but never run in them because one of my toe knots were a little bothersome.

I missed one short run because I took a 20 minute afternoon nap yesterday that turned into a 3 hour nap and I woke up and it was dark at barely 5.  Can't wait for the longer days to come back! I've also been dealing with a lingering upper respiratory illness and was proud I made 4/5 runs this week since my breathing is somewhat compromised and I was spitting a lot of residual lung mucous at the end of my long run today.

Week 1 of 20, Big Sur Marathon 2014

12/10- 3 miles @ 8:47
12/11- 4 miles @ 9:40
12/12- 4 miles @ 9:46
12/15- 6 miles @ 9:34

Total: 17 miles

Now, some tunes that keep me running this week (I in no way endorse any lyrics regarding driving under the influence, in fact I think the lyrics aren't promoting that at all, and I do love me some Kid Cudi featuring MGMT):

and Lorde, who is doing an AMA on Reddit as we speak:

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