Friday, February 14, 2014

Big Sur Training Week 9 of 20

21 of my miles last week were done in the rain.  I missed some runs last week but considering I was switching shoes that probably isn't a horrible thing.  I don't mind running in the rain too much... the rain in the San Francisco Bay is a light drizzle that last for days and not the spurts of downpours I grew up with in Texas.  Pretty easy to run in, but I do wear a hat on rainy days.  This week I'm trying to run more hills in preparation for the killer hill in the middle of Big Sur, so I'll start adding in elevation information for each run as well. I'm going to try to run trails on my weeks of shorter long runs because that's where I love running most but I have to work up to some of the challenging hills the area's trails provide and I'm not quite ready to run 14-16 miles with huge climbs.  I tried out a 6 mile run with maybe a hill 60-70% as challenging as the hill in the marathon with regards to grade and length and it was a beating.

Week 9 of 20
2/5- 4 miles (243 elevation gained)
2/6- 7 miles (203 ft. elevation gained)
2/9- 14 miles (686 ft. elevation gained)

Total: 25 miles

Picture of cherry blossom trees, of which I saw many, around mile 10 of my long run last week:

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