Thursday, July 11, 2013


  Well, I cut my hair. I know, you're like, "This is a barefoot running blog, girl, I don't care about your hair." However, it did take me 4 years to grow it out and going from nearly tailbone-length hair to a pixie is a drastic change.  I was very attached to my hair and it is both freeing and anxiety-inducing to be rid of all of it. It was at the point where it was getting caught in car doors, it was very heavy, and I kept it up most of the time anyway so I wasn't really enjoying the length. I also bleached my dark hair blonde. Then cut it again. I'm mostly sure I'm done changing it for now.

I also started running again. I've had a not-so-great year for running... I ran a 10k and PR'd, but haven't felt as good as I did during the first two years I started running. I haven't maintained nearly the mileage I had hoped to or even had done in the past. Obsessing about mileage and times was what motivated me then but after a certain amount of time you stop progressing as blindingly fast as you did in the beginning. I went from 14 minute miles to 10 minute miles to 8 and even 7:30 minute miles (for short distances like the 5k), so why was it so hard to run 6 minute miles?
 My husband has a maxim that you need to have two motivations or reasons for doing something- because one or both of those will wax and wane with time. I haven't figured out what my other reason for running is besides competition... with myself and others. But I'm thinking about it. I registered for another 10k trail race and am getting back out there.

I ordered some Xero Shoes Huaraches and received them yesterday. I will post a review of them soon but right now I am still playing with the lacing in order to make them comfortable and secure enough to run in.

I have been doing a bootcamp class the past few weeks and it feels like all the squats, lunges and core work I've been doing have improved my running- hills are a little easier, I feel less fatigued at the end of the run.  Yet another vote for cross-training!

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