Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Almost to taper time

So, after that awesome 18-miler the fall I had a few weeks ago really affected me.  I ran probably 5 times in between the fall and when the real pain started.  I went on a 4 mile hilly run in the middle of a warm, sunny day and was probably breathing harder than I usually do.  At the end of the run I could barely breathe because my ribs hurt so badly.  I got an X-Ray to make sure nothing was broken and was forced have light mileage for a couple of weeks because it hurt to both inhale and exhale.  I even went to the doctor twice because I was so frustrated about the pain and wanted them to do SOMETHING besides pain medication but there is nothing you can do for chest wall injuries.  I'm doing much better now and back on plan for my   Here are weeks 14, 15, & 16:

3/11- 6.16 miles
3/12- 4 miles
3/14- 9.37 miles

Total: 19.5

3/20- 6 miles
3/23- 20 miles

Total: 26 miles

3/25- 4 miles
3/26- 5 miles

Total: 9 miles (hah)

The last week can't be blamed on injury.  Getting back to it this week. 20 miler on Sunday!

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