Friday, April 11, 2014

The more I run, the less I blog - Training week 17

This has been an amazing, soul-sucking semester for me.  I am in school full-time for the first time in 8 years, this time with 2 kids who only go to school half days and I've been training for my first marathon.  I don't know what possessed me to set this sort of schedule for myself, but I've almost gotten through it.  I haven't met my mileage goals but my legs feel strong and I know I'll finish.  Many factors will depend on how long it will take.  I'm looking forward to focusing on some trail halfs for the summer after this.

Last week:

4/1 - 4 miles
4/2 - 4 miles
4/3 - 5 miles
4/5 - 3 miles
4/6- 19 miles

Total: 35 miles

Legs feel strong, with some tightness my posterior tibial tendon and IT band.  I go to PT every week and things are improving and I've been able to continue to increase mileage.  I don't think the Saucony Kinvaras will work out long term, but its too late to switch shoes now for Big Sur.  They are just a little too restrictive and stiff for me... I'm looking at trying out some Skoras next but I'm not sure if any of their models are grippy enough for trails... I haven't seen them in person.

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