Monday, January 14, 2013

The Beginning (again)

I am starting to run barefoot again.

What? You mean with those funny-looking "barefoot shoes"?

No. I am running without any type of shoes.  I did most of a trail Half-Marathon barefoot last year, along with an entire 10k road race barefoot.

I am starting to run barefoot again after several months of no running due to... life.

This blog will detail my daily runs, races, and experiences as a barefoot runner. 

I ran 3 miles yesterday and it felt "OK". My feet felt great, no blisters like when I was first building up my barefoot mileage and learning how to run lightly and not shred my feet, but my lungs are out of shape.  I was also probably a little dehydrated and running a little too fast as a I often do when I listen to music. Today, my calves are a little sore but nothing major. 

Looking forward to running more this year in 2013 and blogging about it this time!



  1. Hi Stephanie! Good to see you're back in to running. Yesterday was my first day after being off for a couple of weeks due to an injury and happily I'm not too much worse for the wear considering holiday excesses and malaisiness.


  2. Good to hear you're back as well, Chris! I wish it had only been a couple weeks instead of a few months for me... The mild soreness of my calves turned into a few days of hobbling around like my Granny. I'll definitely be sticking with steady, slow progress as I build back up to where I was.

  3. Hi:

    I am in the beginning of running barefoot again as well. I broke my foot in a half ironman back in may. I usually get 3 miles, but lately I have been getting a little abrasion. I usually just bike the following day, but would really like to be to the point of running all the days I need to train BF. Glad to see your post!

  4. Also...I was looking at that pic thinking "why does that look familiar?"...then I remembered... :)